How to Blog in any Niche or Vertical (even if you think you’re not a Writer)

Just wanted to let you know that I have made one of the modules of my digital marketing course free and accessible to everyone for a limited time period – It’s a free training in blogging & writing…

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to come up with topics & ideas for writing?
  • How to have your own writing process? (I will share mine)
  • The essential rules of writing that I wish I knew when I started
  • How to write titles that make people read?
  • How to publish your articles in top media publications, such as Forbes, Moz, etc?
  • How to stop making grammar mistakes starting from today?
    And a more…!

Why did I make it free?
Because one – I promised you when you subscribed that I will provide you free resources from time to time. And two – I have noticed that many of my students and others who are interested in joining my digital marketing program have convinced themselves that they can’t write. I can see their frustration and the paralyzing effect of their writing inability on their personal and professional growth. So I thought – I should share my own blogging techniques, strategies, and workflow.

Anyway, make sure you attend this free training while you can because I might soon delete this video to limit its access to my paid students.