I will walk through a wall to get this job!

Hey Guys, one of the common questions I got from the students who finished my sales training is – what I meant by “being unapologetic'” while pitching yourself as an expert to your clients. Even though I tried my best to explain my point with the help of ‘new restaurant’ and ‘new movie’ example but it seems some of you guys couldn’t relate to it.

Guess what! This morning I was listening to this podcast interview of M Sanjayan on Tim’s Four Hour Work Week podcast while I was out for my morning run. And he shared a hilarious story of how he got himself a top CEO job using a very similar advice he got from his personal board.

I have uploaded the 2 mins. a snippet of that podcast interview on my sound cloud for my own reference and I insist you guys listen to it if you want to gain an unfair advantage over your competing candidates, agencies, and consultants when you pitch yourself for a job or a business deal.

Listen to this 2-min audio as many times it takes until you rewire your brain to become unapologetic when pitching yourself for a deal or a job.

Quick note though: I am not sure if it would be a good idea to say it (I will walk through a wall to get this job) as it is to your client during the sales call but yeah – make sure you convey this idea assertively that – You’re the best person they can find anywhere to solve their burning problem and you will do whatever it takes to solve their problem. And you should get the job!

You’re welcome! 🙂

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