Learn Digital Marketing, Start A 6-Figure Digital Marketing & Web Consultancy and Get Your First High Value Client

Attention - Digital Marketers, Web Designers, Programmers and Job Seekers. What if you could build a lifestyle consulting business that pays you in 6 figures so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted... Get the skills and confidence to sell your digital marketing & web consulting services at a premium price. Chase your passion, work with awesome clients and most of all get the freedom to choose how you want to live your life — now and tomorrow. 

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Introducing First Particle It's an 8-week course in digital marketing, lead generation & sales for marketers, designers, copywriters and freshers (with no marketing skills or experience) to help them start a 6-figure consulting company from scratch. In this program, I will show you my proven, step-by-step system that I used to build my own consulting business ILoveFashionRetail.com. I will take you from “no idea”, “no skills”, “no portfolio” to a profitable digital marketing & web consulting business.  

It's the “all-in-one” online course that just works: Even if…you don’t have any capital to invest Even if…you don’t have any previous consulting experience Even if…you don't have a business idea Even if...you don’t have a previous experience or client portfolio Even if…you want to run your business on the side  

And yes...especially if you want to increase your income by Rs. 50,000 — or Rs.100,000 — or even more.  

Do you want to chase your passion in digital marketing, designing, writing or whatever you’re good at, but you don’t feel confident about your selling skills? You are afraid of charging your clients higher because you fear to lose them. And because you charge them less, you have to work more; you work even on the weekends? You live with a constant guilt that you’re not spending enough time with yourself, with your family & friends, doing things you actually love. 

And even after all the hard work and sacrifices, you see your clients unhappy. You feel tired, underappreciated, resigned to the same old routine working with clients who are rude, keep asking you for a lower price, don’t respect your time. And to make it worse, you accept it as a norm - “it is what it is” - for the rest of your life. But why do you have to work with evil, low paying clients? I get it. It’s because you don’t have any other option. You know that if you lose this client, you’re screwed. You need him so that you can pay next month’s rent and bills. You need new clients so badly that you blow it up.  

But what if the life were different...

What if you could learn not only digital marketing but also sales & lead generation. What if you could position your consulting business in a way that you could attract good high paying clients? Clients who respect you and your time. They are happy paying a higher price because they see you as an expert. They pay you on time and they are happy because you ‘actually’ get them great real results. You find yourself getting chased by clients to work with them (instead of other way around). You cherry pick whom you want to work with.  

You don’t have to worry about leads because you have a lead generation process in place and on top of it, you have amazing sales skills to convert a lead into a high paying client. 4-5 high paying clients working with you on a monthly retainer, getting you a monthly billing of $5000+ per month. Yes, it’s possible. 


When I started, I had no previous experience in the Fashion industry. Yet I got featured in the textbooks of Fairchild & Bloomburry publications, whose textbooks are read in colleges & universities around the world. I will teach you how I did it - how you can become an industry expert not in years but few months...

I started my consulting company ILoveFashionRetail.com from scratch. I had no capital, no portfolio, no experience in the industry I chose (Fashion) - yet my first month’s profit was $3000. It was a big confidence booster because I knew I could make more.  

Like you, I didn't know very much about managing a consulting business, business strategy & growth. I made my share of mistakes, I read books, spent thousands of dollars on marketing & sales courses.  

In the process - I learned many things the hard way, such as how to position my business for profitability. I know how to develop new services that I can sell at a premium price. I have learned how to package it up in a way that would resonate with my target audience and how to enhance the perceived value of my services. I especially learned about how to package my services in a way that my clients see a high value in working with me and they don’t want to go anywhere else.  

I am not just in the consulting business for making a few bucks here or there, not just dipping my toes in the water, but playing to win and teaching others my learnings to help them replicate my results.  

I have gone from my regular 9AM to 8PM job to a happy 6 figure consultant in a couple of months of leaving my job. I have a business that lets me create the lifestyle I want — and is actually profitable. AND I WANT TO TEACH YOU HOW TO START YOUR OWN PROFITABLE CONSULTING BUSINESS — POSITIONING, LEAD GENERATION, SALES, PERSUASION, WRITING, SERVICE, DELIVERY, Management and all of it. Not in a scammy, “get rich quick” way, but in a way that beautifully highlights your passions and experiences to help the world. I will tell you where to work hard and where to work smart.

One of the many testimonials from my clients and readers I touch with my consulting and content....

I sell my services and online courses to hundreds of clients and fashion retailers around the world. Above is the actual snapshot of my sales from Sendowl earnings from my Minimalist ebook.

I have helped my clients build kickass ecommerce websites, drive traffic, increase sales and lot more. I get contacted regularly by unicorns such as Farfetch and Fortune 500 companies such as Swarovski. That’s the power of positioning.. It’s not by chance. ILoveFashionRetail is working because I:  

  • Started with a profitable niche - fashion ecommerce retailers (there are hundreds of other profitable niches you can choose from)
  • I learned how to sell and persuade clients
  • I built a lead generation process 
  • I explored and developed new profit avenues - consulting services & digital products
  • I got my clients amazing results  

I have included every single one of these factors into my course that will show you how to build a profitable consulting business like Ilovefashionretail.com from scratch.

All the frameworks and systems. The deep psychology behind actually starting a consulting business. Every marketing tactics and sales strategy. My emails, call scripts, statement of work, portfolio strategies, pricing models, lead generation strategies, project management, everything. And it's like no other program you've ever seen.  

Introducing First Particle

The one of its kind digital marketing course & accelerator program that not only teaches you digital marketing but more importantly - how to sell your digital marketing skills at a premium price. 

You'll get these lessons in an 8-week, online video course that covers the ENTIRE process of learning digital marketing and starting a profitable consulting business. 

 You'll learn the exact digital marketing strategies, frameworks, tactics, and examples of how to package your services so that it’s profitable, then use systems to increase your monthly profit. Using the advanced concepts of positioning, pricing, persuasion, lead generation, project management, mindset training - you'll learn how to run digital marketing service like a pro.  

Learn more than Digital Marketing...

When I created this course, I hoped that if I combine all my knowledge and experience in digital marketing and web consulting down into one useful resource — one that breaks today’s building blocks of consulting and help you replicate my results. I have invested thousands of hours in acquiring the skills and building this program so that you could save time and not have to reinvent the wheel. Every single strategy and tactic in this program work, because I've tested it (again and again) in my own consulting business. 

You will learn things such as:  

  • Digital Marketing - We will cover channels such as Blogging, SEO, Instagram Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization & Media Outreach.
  • How to differentiate yourself in a way that you get chased by your clients to work with you (instead of other way around)
  • How to use blogging to grow your business - practical crash course in blogging for beginners.
  • How to dramatically improve your writing skills?
  • How to implement a lead generation system so that you can find high paying clients at will? 
  • How to differentiate yourself from other hundreds and thousands of consulting agencies and companies?
  • How to compete with bigger agencies without lowering your prices and still win
  • How to charge your clients for writing proposals, even before they hire you?
  • How to write a high converting Statement of Work in 30 mins? (I will share my own formats)
  • How to overcome anxiety and talk to local and international clients?
  • How to persuade your clients?
  • How to sell your consulting services as a newbie without a portfolio?
  • How to create credentials from scratch?
  • How to charge a premium rate for your services?
  • How to manage your projects like a pro?
  • How to develop a new consulting service from scratch?
  • How to scale-up your business profits by opening passive income streams such as digital product selling?  
  • My SEO strategy - how I ranked my website on the first page of Google for phrases such as 'Fashion Ecommerce', 'Fashion copywriting' etc without using any ninja SEO techniques. 


More than anything else, you will learn - How to get your first high paying client in 8 weeks.  

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This is a lot more. The focus is on the bigger picture. I will tell you where to start and how to pick the right direction. I won’t bog you down with cheap marketing tricks. We’ll stick to the established business ideas & principles. 

Student testimonials

Pulkit is the best one I have ever found in my career. I am continually impressed with his way of teaching. He uses his experience and during the course, showed me his own actual material (client emails, leads, back-ends etc) from his own consulting business during the course study, which made me believe in him. No one will do that. I can say with confidence that if anybody wants to learn the art of selling IT services without any prior experience, then First Particle is for you. I am always seeking for good resources in the industry. I haven't found the study and course equivalent to First Particle's accelerator program. I am feeling lucky to find Pulkit as my career stepping stone. He is an amazing guy, who believes in helping others. Gagan Preet Singh 

I was doing freelancing but wasn't able to charge a lot for my graphic designing serivces and my bitcoin mining business got me limited earning. Though, I joined First Particle to learn digital marketing but I learned way more than that. I learned not just digital marketing but also how to sell any kind of consulting service (including digital marketing) at a premium price. In this program, I learned SEO, Influencer marketing & Email marketing. With better sales & communication skills, I am able to charge a higher dollar rate to my graphics and digital marketing clients. I now go on each client call with confidence and my conversion rate has improved. I am sure who joins the program will get tremendous value. I highly recommend First Particle's accelerator program. Shorya Rastogi  

I joined First Particle to learn Social Media Marketing to apply for a job. Since the program was new, I wasn't sure what to expect; but now I can say that it's one of my best decisions. I learned Influencer marketing, Email marketing, Media Outreach & Sales. More than anything else, I was able to improve my writing skills. I also learned how to sell myself as an expert to an employer or a potential client. Things that I learned from Pulkit at First Particle have helped me get a well-paying job at one of the leading marketing agencies in Mumbai. The best part of the program is that Pulkit shared his actual client projects, case studies, emails, proposals, sales scripts, his own funnels, blog drafts and everything from his own agency which puts all the learning into immediate perspective. So it's not just generic theory but a solid practical training. He was very responsive to all email queries and patiently answered all my questions in our weekly sessions. This program is amazing. Deepika Rochlani 

Hi, my name is Nilesh. I am a Founder at MarketMyKitchen - a consulting service for the restaurant & hotel businesses. Before starting my consultancy, I was into customized t-shirts printing. Because of the changing marketing trends, I was feeling the urge to upgrade my skills by learning digital marketing & sales. While I was doing my R&D on Digital Marketing, I stumbled upon one of Pulkit's email. I saw Pulkit's free training video about digital marketing & consultancy and as I was listening to him talking about the digital marketing & consulting industry, I made my mind that if I learn DM, I only want to learn from this guy. So I joined your program.  

Guys, for those who are considering joining this program - this Program is helping me in all aspects. Even though I am not very technical, I was able to catch up marketing concepts quite easily. The quality of content is really good; the language used is strikingly easy to understand. Pulkit's Live session surprisingly gave me a classroom feeling as all the doubts and questions were easily solved instantly. So it wasn't just me listening and listening - but two-way communication wherein I had someone listening to my questions attentively and answering them clearly & patiently.  

Pulkit has kept all his promises. He has helped me immensely by pulling me out of my comfort zone. I am so proud and happy that I chose a correct trainer, someone who is so trustworthy, friendly and has such an excellent handle on the subject. It's a lovely experience learning from him.  

It will be my pleasure to refer your program to my friends for their growth. Yes, if anyone asks me about Digital Marketing, I will definitely let them know about this program. Now, I am really looking forward to applying my training from this program to grow my consultancy and it feels great to have some that experienced providing support and advice at each step. Thank you from bottom of my heart.  

Nilesh Singh

Is this course for you?

You're a designer, copywriter or even college fresher with no previous skills or experience, looking to start and grow a profitable consulting business. You want to be more than just an average freelancer, working for pennies …a wildly profitable consultant who does amazing work for its clients. Or maybe you’re not yet on board with consulting business, but you’re eager to learn more and get a high paying job in digital marketing or sales. 

If this sounds like you, then this course is for you. And yes…especially if you want to increase the sales of your current consulting business, with a more established approach that works. The principles and frameworks in this course can be applied to sell following services at a premium price: software programming, Instagram & Facebook marketing, email marketing, web designing, copywriting, influencer marketing, conversion rate optimization, SEO, etc.  

Going past the mental block

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” — Marcus Aurelius  

There could be ‘n’ number of reasons why you think you can’t be successful consulting business, for example – The web consulting market is too saturated, I am not a good salesman, I don’t have enough capital, I don’t know online marketing, I am not technical, I am not good in managing people, I am not smart enough…etc. Look I was never the smartest kid in the classroom in school days. I used to avoid public speaking as they made me nervous. I have made countless mistakes and until this date - I still make mistakes. But then I learn, I figure it out. My logic here is - If I can do it, anyone can do it. Don’t let your self defeating belief systems hold you back. It needn’t be this way. Take an action because there is no risk...


Accelerator Program Fee - Rs. 37,760  

* Inclusive of 18% GST ** You can also pay in 2 installments  

- Access to all course videos - Access to the Facebook Community - Email Support - Phone Support - 8 weekly sessions with Pulkit  

Duration: 8 to 12 Weeks 

Sign-up to the Accelerator Program >>

Note: Suitable for students who want to learn and want a weekly one-on-one session with Pulkit so that they can ask their questions and get the weekly one-on-one session withnecessary support in removing the roadblocks on their way.

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you do the program, take the action and still don’t get a high value client, just let me know - I will refund your money - 100%.  

But I promise, the investment you make in familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of profitable digital marketing will pay off, now and in the future. Use this program to your advantage, you’ll instantly be leagues ahead of most of the consulting pack. You have to just stick to the basics and use Internet creatively to always stay ahead.  

More Student Testimonials

​ I had started my Marketing Agency a year back and I was trying everything under the sun to get it streamlined & to get a consistent flow of clients every month. However, I didn't realize, until I took Pulkit's accelerator program, that I had been doing it all wrong! He shares in his course an extremely well laid out, strategic and smart approach to running a successful business. I was looking to target International clients but couldn’t figure out a way to do it. But Pulkit’s Course was literally life changing! He understood what I was trying to achieve with my business and what my vision is --and he suggested me a very thorough and clear approach to achieving that. Not only that, he helped me with documentation stuff too like document formats, invoicing, statement of work etc. This might seem as trivial in the beginning but these are some of the steps entrepreneurs start struggling with while starting from scratch.  

First particle was not like the other courses I had been taking till now, which covered just some tactics. It was a comprehensive approach which can be followed in any number of businesses you want to start. And this is one of the best part —the strategy is re-usable and can be implemented again and again! He handheld me through the entire step-by-step process and covered each and every nuance there is to running a successful business -- starting from niche selection to marketing strategies to Getting & Closing clients (which is extremely critical if you are just beginning), he covered everything in depth and in an extremely practical way. 

And the BEST part of the program was his mentoring sessions. His immense business knowledge & experience along with the positive attitude and motivation he imparts, has been extremely valuable to me, personally. He shared so many practical business insights during our calls which I couldn’t have got from anywhere else for sure! He is a pure gem! After just a couple of calls with him, you’ll be able to tell the kind of exposure and industry knowledge he has.  

His program is like an end-to-end system which can completely change the way you run your business. I would highly recommend this course to every entrepreneur who is serious about setting up a long term business. He is a perfect mentor one can get! For everyone, who is on fence, I can say that DO NOT give it a second thought! I can guarantee that you will be getting life changing insights inside the course like I did. I am extremely thankful to Pulkit for showing me the bigger picture and showing that I was getting too caught up in things that didn't really matter in the long run. I will always be indebted to him for all he has done for my business and my business acumen.  

Pooja Saxena 

What my Clients say about me...

We are very impressed with the work done by Pulkit and his team. Pulkit and the I Love Fashion Retail team did a thorough review of our particular needs as a company and not only constructed a custom, stunning website for us, but completed it within an incredibly accelerated time frame. Pulkit worked day and night to help us reach our launch date and we were overwhelmingly impressed by what they produced. They were always responsive, professional and their work was of an exceptionally high quality. I cannot speak highly enough of I Love Fashion Retail. Feel free to contact me if you need any further convincing. I have no doubt we will be working with them again in the future. Emily Harrison & Jennie Engelhardt, HareandHart.com 

The amount of valuable information on your site is impressive. I read all of your blog posts and I’m conducting my business based on your advices. I made notes on different subjects from your posts and everytime I’m in trouble I go back and reread them. In a way, you are my companion on my start-up. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! Bogdan Voinescu, www.tram21.co.uk

 I read your posts on a regular basis… constantly searching for ways to improve our business. I’d like to personally thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. Your site is a wonderful resource. Michael Jamin, Twirlygirlshop.com  

Overjoyed! The single most valuable blog I have read since making the decision to venture out on my own. The ideas are flowing and I now have a clear focus of where I want to go. I am optimistic in my ability to go large now, whereas prior to reading this, I believed I could be a nice, small, never heard of brand. a million thanks. Ruth Ann Johnston, RaJ

How it Works?

Still not sure? Watch my free consulting training video below and know my story and experience running my consulting company - ILoveFashionRetail.com


Sample Course Module - Blogging 

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