If I could go back in time and wish for something, it would be doing this course, no second thoughts about it. I wish I had met Pulkit Sir earlier. One thing that hooks you to this course is Pulkit sir’s honesty, he has shared all his tips, tricks, and secrets about digital marketing and how he became an Industry specific Influencer. Aladdin’s lamp for people who want name, fame, and money.

Punam Singh – Raw Origin Studio

I had started my Marketing Agency a year back and I was trying everything under the sun to get it streamlined & to get a consistent flow of clients every month. However, I didn’t realize, until I took Pulkit’s accelerator program, that I had been doing it all wrong! He sha

res in his course an extremely well laid out, strategic and smart approach to running a successful business. I was looking to target International clients but couldn’t figure out a way to do it. But Pulkit’s Course was literally life changing! He understood what I was trying to achieve with my business and what my vision is –and he suggested me a very thorough and clear approach to achieving that. Not only that, he helped me with documentation stuff too like document formats, invoicing, statement of work etc. This might seem as trivial in the beginning but these are some of the steps entrepreneurs start struggling with while starting from scratch.

First particle was not like the other courses I had been taking till now, which covered just some tactics. It was a comprehensive approach which can be followed in any number of businesses you want to start. And this is one of the best part —the strategy is re-usable and can be implemented again and again! He handheld me through the entire step-by-step process and covered each and every nuance there is to running a successful business — starting from niche selection to marketing strategies to Getting & Closing clients (which is extremely critical if you are just beginning), he covered everything in depth and in an extremely practical way.

And the BEST part of the program was his mentoring sessions. His immense business knowledge & experience along with the positive attitude and motivation he imparts, has been extremely valuable to me, personally. He shared so many practical business insights during our calls which I couldn’t have got from anywhere else for sure! He is a pure gem! After just a couple of calls with him, you’ll be able to tell the kind of exposure and industry knowledge he has.

His program is like an end-to-end system which can completely change the way you run your business. I would highly recommend this course to every entrepreneur who is serious about setting up a long-term business. He is a perfect mentor one can get! For everyone, who is on fence, I can say that DO NOT give it a second thought! I can guarantee that you will be getting life changing insights inside the course like I did. I am extremely thankful to Pulkit for showing me the bigger picture and showing that I was getting too caught up in things that didn’t really matter in the long run. I will always be indebted to him for all he has done for my business and my business acumen.

Pooja Saxena – Buzyants.com 

Pulkit is the best one I have ever found in my career. I am continually impressed with his way of teaching. He uses his experience and during the course, showed me his own actual material (client emails, leads, back-ends etc) from his own consulting business during the course study, which made me believe in him. No one will do that. I can say with confidence that if anybody wants to learn the art of selling IT services without any prior experience, then First Particle is for you. I am always seeking for good resources in the industry. I haven’t found the study and course equivalent to First Particle’s accelerator program. I am feeling lucky to find Pulkit as my career stepping stone. He is an amazing guy, who believes in helping others.

Gagan Preet Singh – IMarketSAAS.com

Hi, my name is Nilesh. I am a Founder at MarketMyKitchen – a consulting service for the restaurant & hotel businesses. Before starting my consultancy, I was into customized t-shirts printing. Because of the changing marketing trends, I was feeling the urge to upgrade my skills by learning digital marketing & sales. While I was doing my R&D on Digital Marketing, I stumbled upon one of Pulkit’s email. I saw Pulkit’s free training video about digital marketing & consultancy and as I was listening to him talking about the digital marketing & consulting industry, I made my mind that if I learn DM, I only want to learn from this guy. So I joined your program.  

Guys, for those who are considering joining this program – this Program is helping me in all aspects. Even though I am not very technical, I was able to catch up marketing concepts quite easily. The quality of content is really good; the language used is strikingly easy to understand. Pulkit’s Live session surprisingly gave me a classroom feeling as all the doubts and questions were easily solved instantly. So it wasn’t just me listening and listening – but two-way communication wherein I had someone listening to my questions attentively and answering them clearly & patiently.  

Pulkit has kept all his promises. He has helped me immensely by pulling me out of my comfort zone. I am so proud and happy that I chose a correct trainer, someone who is so trustworthy, friendly and has such an excellent handle on the subject. It’s a lovely experience learning from him.  

It will be my pleasure to refer your program to my friends for their growth. Yes, if anyone asks me about Digital Marketing, I will definitely let them know about this program. Now, I am really looking forward to applying my training from this program to grow my consultancy and it feels great to have some that experienced providing support and advice at each step. Thank you from bottom of my heart.  

Nilesh Singh – MarketmyKitchen.com

I was doing freelancing but wasn’t able to charge a lot for my graphic designing services and my bitcoin mining business got me limited earning. Though I joined First Particle to learn digital marketing but I learned way more than that. I learned not just digital marketing but also how to sell any kind of consulting service (including digital marketing) at a premium price. In this program, I learned SEO, Influencer marketing & Email marketing. With better sales & communication skills, I am able to charge a higher dollar rate to my graphics and digital marketing clients. I now go on each client call with confidence and my conversion rate has improved. I am sure who joins the program will get tremendous value. I highly recommend First Particle’s accelerator program.

Shorya Rastogi  – Pixinix

I joined First Particle to learn Social Media Marketing to apply for a job. Since the program was new, I wasn’t sure what to expect; but now I can say that it’s one of my best decisions. I learned Influencer marketing, Email marketing, Media Outreach & Sales. More than anything else, I was able to improve my writing skills. I also learned how to sell myself as an expert to an employer or a potential client. Things that I learned from Pulkit at First Particle have helped me get a well-paying job at one of the leading marketing agencies in Mumbai. The best part of the program is that Pulkit shared his actual client projects, case studies, emails, proposals, sales scripts, his own funnels, blog drafts and everything from his own agency which puts all the learning into immediate perspective. So it’s not just generic theory but a solid practical training. He was very responsive to all email queries and patiently answered all my questions in our weekly sessions. This program is amazing.

Deepika Rochlani